Ruben Porras-Sanchez


In an effort to bridge, build, and better communities around the country, Ruben has spent the better part of his life leveraging networks and bringing individuals, companies, nonprofits, and public institutions together to address the needs of the underserved, underrepresented, and marginalized. He developed a national campaign that raised money to feed more than 50,000 students around the country; an international campaign that raised money for women's health; and brought groups together locally to improve communities by building playgrounds, developing youth programs, fundraising for schools, and organizing health fairs. When Ruben focused his efforts on the LGBTQ+ community, he developed youth leadership programs for GMHC, mentored youth from Hetrick-Martin Institute and the House/Ball community, and sat on the leadership team of the Trevor Project’s NextGen Committee, a group that works to raise money for the Trevor Project, a national organization committed to suicide and crisis prevention among LGBTQ+ youth. Currently, Ruben serves as a board member of the Stonewall Democratic Club of New York, the only citywide LGBTQ+ democratic club; a board member of the Stonewall Community Development Corporation, which is an organization committed to ensuring that LGBTQ+ seniors are able to age in safe, inclusive, supportive and affordable environments; and recently launched his next campaign to $3 million to help flip congress--the Midterm Run, a national grassroots effort to raise money and awareness of 11 Congressional candidates and 6 Senate candidates by running 2018 miles. When Ruben isn’t volunteering doing all of the above, you can find him either in the Heights where he lives with his fiance, Raul Sanchez, and beautiful golden retriever pup, Sunny; at a karaoke bar, or at The Harry Walker Agency, which is the world’s leading speakers bureau. There he works as an Agent representing some of the most notable people on the planet, such as the Obamas, the Clintons, Secretaries-General of the United Nation, Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer-prize winning journalists, tech titans and business leaders, and leaders of global social movements. On any random day of the week, you will find him singing while walking down the street, at his desk, riding the subway, working out--anywhere. He says he has the voice of an angel